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News Brief: While You Were Out

Take a look at some of this past week top headlines.

History Channel ‘The Bible’ Controversy

The History Channels newest record breaking miniseries, ‘The Bible’ has received slack for a character on the show “resembling” President Barack Obama. Producer Mark Burnett refers to the resemblance claim as “utter nonsense,” reports CNN.com.

Auroura Theater Massacre

James Holmes, Auroura Movie Theater shooter is pleading guilty to avoid the death penalty.

Carnival Cruise Ship Breakaway

A man is reported missing after a Carnival Cruise Ship broke away from the dock due to high winds. The cruise ship knocked over the security guard hut, sending the now missing man into the river.

Rutger’s Basketball Coach Fired

Rutger’s University men’s basketball coach Mike Rice has been fired after a video of Rice throwing basketballs and cursing at players went viral.

Connecticut Gun Law

Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy signs new gun law with the result of banning selected weapons.

North Korea Missile Movement

Missiles and launching equipment have been moved to the east coast of North Korea.

Texas District Attorney and Wife shot dead

Texas Distract Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were shot dead in their own home March 30.