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Tucker Carlson Gone

It was announced today that Tucker Carlson has left Fox News effective immediately. The two parties came to this agreement. The Los Angeles Times has reported that Rupert Murdoch, Fox News Chairman, was behind the push for Fox to rid itself of Carlson. This comes with a discrimination lawsuit by a former producer. The network fired them last month. In the lawsuit, the producer claimed she experienced sexism and anti-semitism while working at the network.
Tucker Carlson leaving comes after the 787 million dollar settlement with Dominion Voting Systems after Fox News’ regular claims of election fraud, which were unfound, and after numerous personalities came out saying they knew the election fraud theory was fake while perpetuating the theory.

This comes as a shock as Tucker Carlson was the most popular host on the network and the most popular political commentator in American politics. His 8 pm primetime show on Fox News raked in over 3 million viewers every weeknight. Where Tucker Carlson will go is anyone’s guess. One thing is guaranteed, he will get a lot of money. As shown by the Stephen Crowder contract offer from Daily Wire, which was for $50 Million over four(4) years, Crowder is nowhere near as influential or popular as Tucker Carlson.

Don Lemon Gone

CNN has fired Don Lemon. Don Lemon has been with the network since 2006. Before becoming a full-time host in 2013 and receiving his show in 2014 with Don Lemon Tonight. The show ended last year as he prepared to move to CNN’s new morning show. He has had some controversy this year, remarking that Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley “isn’t in her prime… When a woman is considered to be in her prime – in her 20s, 30s, maybe 40s”. Haley is 51 and arguably not in her prime, as she is too young to be in her political prime.

This firing is not as surprising as Carlson’s exit. CNN viewership has declined substantially. February saw the worst rating in 10 years, averaging only 587,000 viewers in primetime. While Fox News averaged 2.2 million viewers, and MSNBC averaged 1.1 million viewers.



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