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Hillary Clinton Teams up with Fashion Designers for New Campaign

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has teamed up with fashion designers for her Made for History campaign. The first collection, which is the only current set of her campaign merchandise, is a set of unisex tees designed by Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Maxwell Osborn and Dao-Yi Chow of Public School.

The tees are styled different based off of the designer; each designer was given permission to put his or her own signature spin on the shirts.

Marc Jacobs' design
Marc Jacobs’ design

Jacobs, who shares Clinton’s belief in equality, created a tee featuring a pop-art inspired portrait of Clinton on a red-trimmed tee. According to Vogue, Jacobs was all about helping Clinton with this campaign: “My support for Hillary is grounded on our long-standing shared belief in equality. I am proud to share this t-shirt as a champion of equal rights, for the progress we have made, and for the hope of continued progress with Hillary as President.” Jacobs had teamed with Clinton back in 2004 and 2008 as well, creating tees for her Senate reelection campaign and her presidential bid, respectively.

Public School's design (front)
Public School’s design (front)

Public School stuck with its signature by designing Clinton’s tees with varsity-like lettering on a black crewneck tee. As for Burch, she highlighted equality by creating rainbow script advocating for women’s rights: “Women’s rights are human rights…Human rights are women’s rights! Hillary Rodham Clinton for President!”

Public School's design (back)
Public School’s design (back)

Clinton’s Made for History project will have more designer merchandise in the next few months, but for now these tees are the only ones that are available. If you want to show your support for Clinton and rock these tees, you can buy them online here for $45 each.



Tory Burch's design (front)
Tory Burch’s design (front)
Tory Burch's design (back)
Tory Burch’s design (back)