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Florida Woman Points Gun at Reporter’s Head, Results in Arrest

One of the most nerve racking experiences took place on Tuesday, Nov 12 and WESH 2 news reporter Claire Metz witnessed it firsthand. Not only did Metz experience the event that took place, but she came close to being the victim of what could have been a possible murder.

28-year old Shauna Justice is a Florida police dispatcher who was suspended from her job for three days in Sept. 2013 because she allegedly used her cell phone to contact her trainee. The trainee sent a group of firefighters to a victims’ house in an attempt to revive her from a heart attack. As it turned out, the trainee sent the firefighters to the wrong address and the victim died as a result.

Metz was in the process of working on a story and Justice was the main focus. Her objective was to go to Justice’s residence in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. and ask her if she would be interested in doing an interview about her side of the story.

When Metz arrived and knocked on the door, Justice came outside with a gun in her hand and she pointed the weapon directly to her head. Justice also yelled at Metz and ordered her to leave the property. Metz said that the gun was no more than a foot or two from her head and that she held it on her until she backed away to the truck. At that point, Justice put the gun down to her side.

Justice was arrested at 1:30 p.m. that day; she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and held on $1,500 bond. Justice admitted to the deputies that she pointed the gun at Metz, but did so because she wanted to protect herself and her property. She did not mention that she made any threats to Metz’s physical well-being which would have provoked her to use the weapon. The gun had 11 loaded bullets; but they were not in the chamber of the gun.