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Eric Frein was in it for the Long Haul


Monroe County – A long list of supplies implies that Eric Michael Frein was in it for the long haul according to the Search Warrant of the abandoned airport hangar that was released Wednesday morning.

Frein was not very far from his stash when he was taken into police custody, which could have ended the whole situation a lot differently as there were more than 200 rounds along with three weapons which were in close reach to the suspect. The hangar that he was held up in had been abandoned for quite some time so it made the ideal place to make his final stand.

It is currently unknown how long Frein was in the structure and how long he planned to stay there.

The list of items that E. Frein had held up in his remote hideout goes on for five pages and lists 114 items.

Obvious items include: Water Bottles, Toilet Paper and other items someone would consider “necessities.” Other items mong his effects were a Laptop with multiple DVD movies and a Solar Converter which he may have likely used to generate electricity to keep the laptop charged. There was also a copy of The New Testament and Psalms and a 14 page note that was in a manila¬†colored envelope marked Dec. 1996.

It is known that he had been planning his attack for quite some time; according to court records that list him searching such keywords as “Swat Raid Tactics” and “Tips on Placing Caches.”

Eric Michael Frein is the suspected killer of Two Pennsylvania State Police officers at the Blooming Grove Barracks on Sept. 12.

Frein is currently being held in the Pike County Correctional Facility awaiting his preliminary hearing on Nov. 12.