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Election day is Finally Here

As you walk through campus, it is clear that today is Election day. There are four to five students on every corner of Bloomsburg dressed nicely, yelling out phrases such as, “Did you vote today?” Annoyed, many students answer that they already have.

I believe people answer just to appease the shouting students and basically to not have their answer lead to another question as they are busily walking to where ever they may be going. I even heard a girl shouting “I just can’t wait until Friday, until this is all over.”

I guess some are annoyed and stressed about the people that have been standing outside the Kehr Union, passing by McCormick, and standing outside the library. Anywhere a Bloomsburg student has walked in the past three months on campus, there has been some kind of political slogan, campaign handout, or conversation being held about the election. Throughout the election process and being annoyed, I’ve realized that it’s the perfect way to go about the situation.

It’s by beating it into the heads of students until we actually listen, and then maybe beating it in a little more is what they have to do to make us pay attention. This is the first election that most of my generation can exercise their right to vote. I didn’t understand how powerful it is to actually be allowed. Most people don’t. This is why the people that do understand take hours out of their busy day to remind you to vote.

I’m sure their job isn’t exciting when they get a rude or an annoyed response but for them, they get joy out of knowing that for all that nagging they did, they got at least one more person to have a voice for our nation.

This may be one of the most important elections in our lifetime and to be a part of it is remarkable. No matter what side you are on and no matter whom you’re voting for wins or not, the least you can say is that you were a part of this monumental process. That is powerful.