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Double Decker Bus and Train Collide in Ontario

Double Decker Bus and Train Collide in Ontario

                  On Wednesday Sept. 18, 2013 at 8:43 a.m., a double decker Ottawa city bus barreled right through the crossing barriers and into the side of a Via rail commuter train killing 6 people including the driver of the train, Dave Woodard. Dozens more were injured.

It is still unknown as to why the bus driver did not stop. Passengers were said to have yelled for Woodard to stop but it was too late. There are speculations that the driver may have blacked out but nothing has been proven yet.

Witnesses said that the warning lights were flashing and the barriers were down when the bus smashed into the side of the train. The front of the train was ripped off with the immense impact.

It was a very gruesome scene witnesses and victims said, debris and bodies scattered the ground.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is going to lead the investigation with help from the Ottawa police and the coroner’s office. The investigation could take months to complete. The TSB will also be checking the warning systems and gates to see if a malfunction was part of this mystery.