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BU Goes Green for Earth Day



Earth Day occurs on April 22 and it is a day where events are held worldwide to show support for environmental protection. Bloomsburg University does a great job at supporting Earth Day.

BU is going green all week, especially the dining services. For instance, according to a Bloomsburg University page, on Monday, you could get a free coffee anywhere on campus if you bring a reusable mug.

On Tuesday, there was an Earth Day celebration on the patio of the Student Service Center, where you could make your own reusable grocery bag. The Scranton Commons did dining in the dark for lunch.

And on Friday, the Farmer’s Market will be returning with fresh foods, made here in the community, which will include free EcoGrounds coffee.

BU really tries to support Earth Day and encourage people to go green. Just a week like this of going green could really change the life styles of people and cause them to make smarter choices that would help the environment.

What about you? Do you make green choices?