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Bloomsburg Students Deploy to Kuwait

The presidential election is quickly approaching and the topic of war is often on each voters mind. Many Americans have different opinions on whether or not our troops should still be overseas.

“I feel we are being deployed there because we are not finished with the war in Iraq or Afghanistan,” said Private First Class (PFC) Steven Pask, 21. “We need to have a United States presence in the Middle East due to the situation occurring in Iran and Syria.”

PFC Steven Pask

Syria and Iran are currently in trouble. The Syrian government is corrupt and have been smuggling in weapons across their border to give to terrorist groups. The US hopes to overthrow the government. In addition, citizens are in an uproar with protests for democracy and freedom.Steve Pask got the call this past summer that he was to soon be deployed in mid-September to Kuwait. Although it is forcing him out of the common four-year graduate program as a criminal justice major and active member of Kappa Delta Rho, Pask says, “I do not regret joining the military, from the benefits I get for my college education to the respect I get from my friends and family, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Another Bloomsburg undergrad, PFC Corey S. Roadcap, 20, is also being sent to Kuwait in mid-September.

“I have a love/hate relationship with the military, said Roadcap. “I feel very prepared to go overseas, however it is very hard at times on my family, friends, and loved ones.”

Now, the question presents itself. Why is Obama still sending so many troops overseas? The goal was for all American soldiers to be out of Afghanistan and sent home by the end of 2012. Although the president has done a good job seeing that this plan continues to happen, still so many of our young people are being deployed, such as Pask and Roadcap.

Pask and Roadcap separately stated that they have no idea where they will end up. They may be initially sent to Kuwait, but they could end up anywhere in the Middle East.

Despite how both Pask and Roadcap may feel emotionally regarding their deployment, they both agreed it is necessary to have troops in Kuwait.

PFC Corey S. Roadcap

“Kuwait acts as an area where we can put fleet of ships, Air Force aircraft’s, and supplies for the United States military,” Pask stated. “We are not finished with the war in neither Iran nor Afghanistan. It is very important we have a military presence in the Middle East.”

Does Obama’s opposing candidate, Romney, have a better plan for America’s military? Obama has created a clear plan within the last four years of his term and Romney has stated he is ready to send troops where needed. However both candidates’ plans for the war could be altered at any moment, as incidents comparable to 9/11 are unexpected.

Both members of the Army National Guard seemed content and ready to fight for America’s freedom. They both had nothing negative to say about Obama and how he acted as a President.

The upcoming 2012 election in November will determine the fate of these two Bloomsburg students and many other students across the country.