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Bloomsburg Named to ‘Poorest Pennsylvania Towns’ List

PennLive.com recently released a list of the 35 poorest towns in Pennsylvania. However, all Bloomsburg natives know that Bloomsburg is the only actual town in the state, but all the same, the list accounts the poorest areas in PA. The list was created using 2016 consensus data, which the most recent data available. PennLive documented “towns, boroughs, and cities with 30 percent or more of its residents living in poverty.” They defined poverty as individuals living on an income equal to or lesser than $25,000 per year.

Bloomsburg was named 27 out of the 35. So, it is not among the highest occurrences of poverty in the state, but it is on the list. The list states that Bloomsburg’s population is 14,568 and the percentage of residents living in poverty is 31 which totals to about 4,500 residents.

The top three on the list were 1: Indiana Borough, 2: Lock Haven, and 3:Clarion Township.

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