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All Toys Were For All People

Aplus, social news organization, wrote an article of a tweet from mother Karen Cole alarmed a toy company, Tesco, of their sexist sign for a superhero alarm clock. It read, “Fun gifts for boys.”

Within this generation, we see more and more people becoming accepting of gender related issues. We see some girls and women wearing boy’s and men’s clothing while boys and men are wearing girl’s and women’s clothing. This also applies to toys. Many used to believe that certain toys were for certain genders – i.e. an action figure belonged to a young boy while a Barbie doll was deemed a girl’s toy.

Today, we see a lot more toy companies advertising to all children no matter what the gender. Girls are “allowed” to play with action figures, and boys are accepted when they play with dress-up clothes or Barbies.

Cole tweeted a picture of her 7 year-old daughter, angrily holding up the sign reading “Fun gifts for boys” as her daughter was told that toys should be made for everyone and not a specified gender.

sexist toy poster

The tweet was also directed at LetToysBeToys, a “social media campaign that aims to stop advertisers from gendering toys, and sends the message that boys and girls should be comfortable playing with whatever toys they like.”

Since tweeted, it has gained over 10 thousand retweets. Finally reaching Tesco’s spokesperson, who apologized saying, “The sign has been removed and we’re sorry if it caused any confusion.”

In my opinion, I love the fact that all toys are being aimed to all kids regardless of their gender. When I was younger I played with “boy” toys and “girl” toys. I don’t think any child should be talked down to or made fun of for playing with a certain toy just because of their gender. “Let Toys Be Toys!”

People should all keep this in mind while buying your son or daughter a new toy for the upcoming holidays

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