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A Recap of the Pivotal Wisconsin Primary

FullSizeRender (7)This past Tuesday, April 5, marked the Wisconsin primary, and a big win for nominees from both parties.

The win in Wisconsin marked Bernie Sanders’ sixth consecutive win in a primary or caucus, and demonstrated that he is continuing to gain momentum on Hilary Clinton. While it was not as large as some of his other campaign victories, Sanders’ continued strength shows a turning point in the democratic race. If Sanders can continue to succeed in these contests, and wins the pivotal New York primary on April 19, a Sanders nomination may not only be likely, but inevitable.

Cruz ControlOn the Republican side, Ted Cruz dominated the primary, beating front-runner Donald Trump by 15 points. This victory for Cruz means that Trump may have trouble from here on out, and his victory as nominee is no longer guaranteed.

The next contest will be the Wyoming caucus, which will be held this Saturday.

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