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2008 Election

View from The Voice: The New Presidency

With the election of Barack Obama and Joe Biden to Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States on Nov. 4, many feel that they are now the new men who will change how we deal with the economy, Iraq and Afghanistan, foriegn policy, education, social security, the enviorment, energy, ect.

However, there is something else behind the Obama-Biden combo that many men and women of our generation have noticed.  As students, we view Barack Obama and Joe Biden as a combination that has both the experience and the new views and drive that the young community of this country has been looking for.

Obama is the new-age president for a new-age presidency.  Bush was the last of the last age, Obama is the start of something new.  He is the driving force of what will be the start and reformation (hopefully) of American policy in not only the Middle East, but also for the entire world.

Obama is also taking more experience from the old Bill Clinton cabinet, and he could be getting Al Gore. For anyone who has said that he does not have enough experience, he is making the correct steps to fix this.  We feel that no matter who you voted for, we all agree that it is time to stand behind our president for the sake of our future as well as the future of this country.

The night of the election, as Obama was announced to be the next President of the United States, the scene on Main Street was an encouraging and inspring one. Students of all races ran out in celebration under a common achievment. The youth have become mobilized and united under a new kind of leadership. The coming months will show a great deal of change as our nation works toward re-stabilization, and, hopefully one day, a prosperous future that many of us can’t quite imagine. For now, this is a good start.