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Experiencing History in the Making: Select BU Students Visit D.C. for 44th Inauguration

By Brandi Furman/”The Voice” Asst. News Editor

This past Tuesday’s event in Washington D.C. was one of those moments when the entire world stops to watch, including some students from Bloomsburg.

The inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama, brought over 1.8 million people to Washington D.C., and millions more witnessed on their televisions, computers, phones and anything within reach.

Six Bloomsburg students traveled to the capital, braving the cold and crowds, to see the oath that has ushered in a new era for the country. The BU students, their hometowns, years, and majors are: Austin Brunson, Camp Hill, junior, political science; Ashley Caliguire, Clark, N.J., junior, secondary education and mathematics; Wyatt Mosley, Bethlehem, junior, political science and economics; Lauren McLaughlin, West Chester, junior, political science; Raeesa Khan, Bloomsburg, senior, philosophy and political science; and Tina Piquet, Bloomsburg, senior, health physics.

These students were a part of the “Leadership in a New Era” program with the Osgood Center for International Studies, located only a few blocks from the Capital building where the events were held. The program began on Jan. 9, and finished with the inauguration and the follow ball.

The Osgood program, comprised of students from all around the world, exists to “investigate the dynamics of a leadership transition in Washington,” according to the website. These students spent the days before Jan. 20 in discussions and guest lectures reviewing national issues like energy, the economy, social security, the war in Iraq, terrorism, and more.

The inauguration has introduced a theme of a  “new birth of freedom.” In his inaugural address, President Obama not only conveyed his hopes and plans for the years to come, but also reminded the world of the change that needs to come from within the people. 

The new president acknowledged that “greatness is never a given,” and “our journey has never been one of short-cuts or settling for less.” His address let the world know that the government under Barack Obama knows the state of our situation will take both time and work before bettering itself.

The induction of a new president is a rare moment to see in person, and for this generation, it is far more meaningful to be a part of choosing who will lead the country. For those who watched, whether in the cold streets of Washington D.C. or from the comfort of their own homes, it was one moment that will be remembered by all.