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2008 Election

75-Year Residents of Bloom Visit the Polls

Dick and Joan Spaid 



Dick and Joan Spaid


“We have been voting for 60 years,” said Joan Spaid, Bloomsburg. Joan and her husband Richard (Dick) have resided in Bloomsburg for 75 to 80 years. Their election process began this morning. “The line was too long this morning,” said Dick, “so we decided to come back and try it again this afternoon.” The Spaids don’t discuss who they are voting for with each other, but they are both registered as Democrats.


“This is a very important election”, said Joan. They both agreed that they had never seen Town Hall as crowded during Election Day. “I have seen more young people this year,” said Dick, “There are a lot of college students here.” Throughout the campaigning process, the Spaids have tried to keep up with the latest news on the candidates. “Even when we didn’t want to keep up, we didn’t have a choice,” said Joan.

Even though the Spaids didn’t speak to each other about who they were voting for, they haven’t been pleased with either candidate. “I guess you get the best of both evils,” said Joan when asked about her feelings toward the candidates.

The Spaids believe it is very important for people to vote. “It is a privilege everyone has,” said Joan, “If you don’t vote, don’t complain when the person you wanted to win doesn’t win!” Both Dick and Joan said they would be watching the news throughout the evening to see who the next president in the 2008 election becomes.