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12 Dead in Naval Yard shoot out in D.C.

At approximately 8:20 a.m on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013 the sound of gun shots

Two armed guards outside of the Navy Yard parking garage. Photo courtesy of CNN.

filled the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building in Washington D.C. According to the Navy, the shooting occurred in building 197 of the Naval Yard.

At time of publication it is confirmed that 11 people plus the gunman have died as result of the shooting. The identity of the deceased gunman has been confirmed to be Aaron Alexis, 34.  According to the D.C.P.D. (District of Columbus Police Department) the search for one more potential suspect is still underway including a black man, about 50 years old and is to be considered armed and dangerous. Another suspect who was described as a white man wearing a khaki Navy uniform was identified and released upon proving he was not a person of interest.

Emergency vehicles and law enforcement personnel respond to a reported shooting at the Washington Navy Yard September 16, 2013. Photo courtesy of CNN.

Using social media to inform the public, the Navy and the D.C.P.D. released several Tweets during the course of the day regarding information on the shooting, including a phone number for families to call for news on any relatives that work at the Navy Yard and another phone number for any information on the gunmen.

“Its scares me because my friend and I were walking there on Thursday night around and near the monuments. Everything seemed so calm,” said Bloomsburg University student Jenna Sauder.

At time of publication, due to the continued search for any more potential gunmen and suspects, the Navy Yard has been put in lock down and a ‘shelter in place’ is still in effect. Many Navy Yard employees are still being kept inside the Navy Yard food court. The Navy has also issued an Order of Account asking all uniformed Navy  personnel both active and reserve to report on their current whereabouts.

Look back here for continued updates on the Naval Yard shootings.