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Why I’m Voting for Jill Stein

If you’re like me, a political independent and a former Bernie supporter, you probably aren’t too enthused with the current political climate. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are, as Matt Stone and Trey Parker would put it, a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 23: Jill Stein waits to speak before announcing that she will seek the Green Party's presidential nomination, at the National Press Club, June 23, 2015 in Washington, DC. Stein also ran for president in 2012 on the Green Party ticket. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

For those of you who are unaware, Trump and Clinton are not the only candidates running for president this November; and, as Trump and Clinton are the most disliked presidential candidates in U.S. history, it might be time to consider voting third party.

Between Trump’s apparent racism and ultra conservative views, as well as Clinton’s numerous scandals, the DNC Leaks, and inconsistency, it became apparent to me well before the conventions that I couldn’t support either and still feel satisfied with my decision.

Like, as I’m assuming, most of the people reading this, I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. I personally was drawn to Sanders because of his rhetoric, his honesty and his charisma. What attracted me to Jill Stein and the Green Party was the exact force that brought me to Sanders earlier last year. Stein does, as a matter of fact, hold many of the same policy positions as Sanders.

Here’s some of the many problems with Clinton:

  • Until 2013, she did not support same-sex marriage, and was generally against LGBTQA rights
  • She is financing her campaign with a number of Super PACs – including a number of different oil companies
  • She voted for the War on Iraq – considered one of the worst political decisions of the last two decades
  • She voted for and actively complained for Barry Goldwater – one of the most conservative republicans of the twentieth century (you know, the guy who focused his campaign on fighting against civil rights)
  • She ran a smear campaign against Bernie Sanders – and thanks to Wikileaks, we know she and the DNC rigged the Democratic Primary, actively campaigned against Sanders, and led to widespread disenfranchisement of Sanders supporters

As a member of the Green Party, Stein takes environmental issues as the focal point of her campaign. Unlike her competitors, who don’t believe climate change exists, take money from the oil industry and don’t want to do anything to address the issue, Stein acknowledges the problems our world is facing and offers real change through her “Green New Deal.”


Yes, Clinton received Bernie’s endorsement. Yes, She’s a slightly better choice than Trump. But, I ask you this: can you honestly say Clinton is the best candidate in the race? Can you truly say she represents any of the ideals of Bernie? Can you actually trust this lying, manipulative woman to follow through with any of the campaign promises she’s put forth?

Do yourself a favor and vote for the only true progressive in the race.



CJ De Leo

BU Alumnus, Mass Communications and Political Science degree holder. Former Editor for the News/Politics section of BUnow, advisor for video productions, co-host of the Utterly Nonsense Podcast and BUnow Weekly Politicast.