Vermin Supreme is not a household name. Those who follow politics as closely as I do may have heard his name, perhaps as the fourth place winner in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, or just as likely from his other three presidential runs. In his most recent presidential run, Supreme’s greatest victory was the 256 votes he earned in New Hampshire, finishing just under Martin O’Malley, who had 619 votes. Supreme also out-performed republican candidates.

Vermin Supreme Supreme is probably best known for his unconventional appearance: always wearing a boot on his head, and sporting a long, Gandalf-esque beard – and of course, typically carrying around an oversized toothbrush. But, as bizarre as Supreme looks, his political positions are much stranger.

Vermin has consistently had the same positions since the beginning of his political career, often giving the same sound bites: mandatory tooth-brushing laws, time travel research, zombie preparedness and free ponies for all Americans.
If you are wondering why you did not see Supreme in the 2016 “Lesser Known Democratic Presidential Forum,” it’s because of his performance at the 2012 forum – in which he “glitter bombed” moderator Randall Terry. As of March 1, Supreme announced that he would be leaving the Democratic Party, seeking the Libertarian nomination for president.
Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.58.15 PMI think I speak for everyone when I say: as strange as he is, I’d rather see a Vermin Supreme Presidency than a Donald Trump Presidency.