This Week in Politics – #BirdieSanders and more

After another week of primaries and caucuses, perhaps the most surprising story of the week was the tiny bird that flew on to Bernie Sanders’ podium during a rally in Portland, Ore. This tiny bird caused Twitter to explode with “#BirdieSanders” and made Sanders’ already powerful social media profile even stronger.

Birdie ComicThis week may have been one of Sanders’ best in the campaign so far. In addition to receiving widespread social media acclaim as a result of #BirdieSanders, Sanders received five landslide victories in Idaho and Utah this past Tuesday and in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska this past Saturday.

Sanders’ only loss was in Arizona, which has caused widespread controversy. Recently, many of the polling places in Arizona had been shut down causing massive lines forcing some voters to wait up to five hours to vote. In addition to massive lines, the results of the election were called before everyone in line was able to vote. Sanders and his supporters are still trying to get a recall election in the state, with more availability to voters. Sanders’ loss in Arizona was well within the margin of error, and he could potentially win Arizona if another vote with more voters was held.

Meme - Sanders,Trump,HillaryFor once, the Republican side of things was uninteresting to watch. Trump received one win in Arizona, and Cruz received two wins in Idaho and Utah, both statistically more religious states. No Republican primaries were held on Saturday.