The USPS is struggling, here’s how to help

In comparison to privatized postal services, the United States Postal Service is a more affordable and just as effective way to send mail and packages. President Donald Trump decided to oppose the postal service because he does not want to see it used for mail-in voting. He claims that he does not want the post office to be overwhelmed with the large number of ballots, however many allegations came out that he is using this situation for his political gain. Regardless of what party you support, the USPS is in trouble. However, there are a few easy ways to help both the post office and its workers.

Arguably the best way to help the USPS financially is to buy stamps. Send out thank you cards, send grandma a handwritten letter or ask grandma to send your birthday money through the postal service. There are so many reasons to buy stamps—some people even collect them. The USPS gets a lot of their money through selling them so the more someone buys, the more they help out.

Another way to help is to vote early. Trump has all but directly stated that he wants to undermine the USPS to make mail-in voting way more difficult. If you plan on mailing in your vote, doing it early will make the postal workers significantly less overwhelmed last minute. Just be sure to look up the rules for early voting in your state first!

Lastly, spread the word! While the state of the USPS is pretty much known internationally, there are people who do not understand that millions of people still rely on paying their bills and communicating through the postal service. Because of this, many progressive groups are working together to spread the word through petitions and campaigns. You can also speak to your congressional representative. Regardless of whether or not they agree with your stance, it’s important that they hear from you.