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Super Tuesday #2

Trump RallyThis past Tuesday, March 15, which multiple news sources have unofficially begun calling “Super Tuesday 2,” was comprised of multiple primaries with mostly expected results.

On both sides, frontrunners crushed their opponents with Hillary Clinton winning all five primaries (Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio) and Donald Trump winning all but Ohio. Trump lost Ohio to John Kasich, who is the governor of the state. The primaries this past Tuesday led Marco Rubio to drop out of the race, as he has failed to win a single state, including his home state of Florida.

Hillary VictoryClinton’s victories against Sanders were all very close and have not persuaded Sanders to drop out of the race, despite supporters of Clinton claiming she is unbeatable at this point. Clinton may have trouble in the rest of the race, as many of the remaining states are more northern and liberal, and many of Sanders’s supporters reside in these states.

As a result of Clinton’s campaign tactics, the “Bernie or Bust” campaign started by Sander’s supporters has begun to gain momentum. The campaign, which calls on Sander’s supporters to vote for a third party candidate other than Clinton or abstain entirely from the election, may prove detrimental to the Democratic Party come November.



CJ De Leo

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