Josh Shapiro visited Bloomsburg on November 3rd, just five days out from the election. The stop was a part of Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis’s Bus tour throughout Pennsylvania to rally one last push for the Governorship. As the Democrats hope to keep Pennsylvania from being a pure red state.

The event saw Austin Davis, running for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Davis spoke about his background coming from a working-class family. Davis stresses support for Labor Unions and the power they have at creating a middle class.

Josh Shapiro began with his background before going into his plans for Pennsylvania. Shapiro stated he will reject any bill that limits abortion in Pennsylvania. The overturning of Roe v Wade has created a rallying point for Democrats across the country, as a majority of individuals are in favor of abortion rights.

Josh Shapiro at Carver Hall in Bloomsburg PA
Josh Shapiro at Carver Hall Photo: Mason Malloy/BUnow

Shapiro set his focus on education. As Governor, he plans to provide state funding to schools, as opposed to having school funding tied to property taxes only. Shapiro expressed support for expanding Vocational Education. In an effort to fill the shortage of trade jobs. He plans to abolish standardized testing, allowing teachers and students to focus on learning and not a test at the end of the year. Shapiro made a day-one promise to the crowd stating he will remove the college requirements for state employees.

Shapiro set his eyes on his opponent Doug Mastriano, criticizing Mastriano for his involvement on January 6th. He continued questioning Mastriano’s support for abortion bans, gay marriage ban, and book bans despite being the “Freedom” candidate. Trump was not safe from the speech either. Shapiro pointed out his record against Trump in court over the 2020 election.

Rallying the crowd with a final message of vote for freedom and the future by voting for Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis.