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Results of the 2nd Greek Election of 2023

The Greek Elections on June 25th resulted in a win for the New Democracy Party, the centre-right to right-wing party. New Democracy gained back the seats they lost in the May election, putting their seat count to 158, giving the party the majority, and allowing them to form a government without an alliance.

Previously, they failed to gather enough votes for a majority in the Parliament. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of the New Democracy Party called for a new set of elections after the May elections saw no majority from any party.

Syriza was the biggest loser. Syriza dropped 24 seats shrinking their seat count down to 47, losing 39 seats in total this year. PASOK-KINAL saw a small loss, losing 9 seats, bringing them down to just 32 seats, but still up 10 seats this year.

The Far-Right parties benefited from the new election. Spartans, a new political party with close ties to the Neo-Nazi criminal organization Golden Dawn, gained 12 seats.

While the Victory Party, a Christian Nationalist party that has sided with Russia in the Ukraine-Russian war, gained 10 seats. The only Far-Right party to suffer losses was the Greek Solution, losing 4 seats.

A small winner was the Course for Freedom, a catch-all, anti-establishment party, that encompasses both left and right-wing voters, who gained 8 seats.