Political Update – Polls and Scalia

Politically, from Feb. 22 to Feb. 27, there is not much to say that has not already been said. Two different primaries (South Carolina and Nevada’s Caucus) came and went, with results as expected, with both parties’ respective frontrunners, Trump and Clinton, winning each.

scaliaCandidates and political figures from both sides have made their voices heard about Antonin Scalia, and his replacement. Republicans are consistently saying President Obama does not have the right to appoint a new Supreme Court justice, despite having the constitution to support him, as he only has a short time left in office. Republicans hold this view regardless of Obama’s possibility of appointing a Republican justice. Democrats such as Bernie Sanders have, on the other hand, stated that they support President Obama’s constitutional right to appoint a new justice, regardless of their political affiliation.

While Sanders has suffered a number of losses recently, his race is far from over. Recent polls have consistently shown him gaining momentum against Clinton for the democratic nomination, with some polls showing him as the leader. Polls showing potential matchups between Sanders and Republican candidates have shown a significant advantage for Sanders, whereas the same polls have shown Clinton winning only against Trump.

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