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Pennsylvania Midterms: A Voter’s Guide

Don’t Know Who to Vote for in Pennsylvania Midterms? Read This.

A midterm election refers to a type of election where the people can elect their representatives in the middle of the term of the executive or of another set of members. The 2018 United States elections will mostly be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested.

For more information about those running for Midterm elections, including third parties and independents, use the websites Vote Smart and Ballotpedia, as well as candidates individual websites to see their stance on issues they care about, this article only provides a brief overview of candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties, so it is important for you to do your own research on each candidate before you vote to ensure you are voting for the candidate that appeals most to you.


Bob Casey Jr., Democrat  Recently voted no on Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, calls for health care reform as he introduced the Emergency Medical Services for Children Reauthorization Act of 2014, increased minimum wage to combat inequality, and Casey is supporters of paths towards citizenship for undocumented persons currently residing in the United States. Casey has been endorsed by the National Education Association and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, among others. (

Lou Barletta, Republican  Supports President Trump and his executive order to ban the entry to the US of citizens from seven Muslim countries and is known for his anti-immigration stance and apposed the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Barletta has been endorsed by the NRA and the National Federation of Independent Business, among others. (


Brian Fitzpatrick, Republican  Voted for tax cuts for corporations, opposed Trump’s executive order to ban immigration. Opposed the ACA. Wants to repeal laws that made it difficult for people with mental disabilities to purchase guns. Highlighted the importance of climate change. (

Scott Wallace, Democrat  Wants to reinstate the Paris Peace agreement on climate change, tougher laws on guns, comprehensive immigration reforms with a pathway to legal citizenship, and expansion of healthcare. (


Brendan Boyle, Democrat  Wants to provide greater educational access, healthcare and greater economic equality (
David Torres, Republican  Want to bring investors into Philadelphia to produce jobs in technology and solar energy, and supporter of reforms related to drug addiction with more services available for military veterans and homeless people addicted to drugs. (


Dwight Evans, Democrat Wants more funding to public schools’ infrastructure, improvements for small businesses in the form of financial aid and opposes American Health Care Act as believes in greater access to health care for all Americans, particularly vulnerable groups like the elderly and those with pre-defined conditions. (

Bryan Leib, Republican  Wants to reform tax policies and put the federal government on a fiscal path and joined a bi-partisan resolution to address schooling improvements and educating children from low income areas differently. (


Daniel David, Republican  Wants privatisation of health care, reduction in background checks to buy guns, emphasis on vocational education, and removal of regulations on small businesses. (

Madeline Dean, Democrat  Wants expansion of the Affordable Care Act, a modernized infrastructure of the transport system, supports organized labor, and wants to conserve the planet. (


Pearl Kim, Republican  Wants immigration reform with an affordable path to citizenship. Emphasis on drug addiction treatment, background checks on guns and safer schools concerning guns, and affordable health care for everyone. (

Mary Scanlon, Democrat  Wants federal aid to children with disabilities in education along with affordable technical education opportunities, supports universal health care and repairing the ACA, reinstate assault weapon ban with age limited and universal healthcare checks, supports labor unions and raising the minimum wages, and closure of private detention facilities for immigrants. (


Christina Houlahan, Democratic  prioritises ensuring quality, affordable health care for all Pennsylvania’s, financing and revitalising the school systems with greater access to higher education, minimum living wage and more jobs created, and meaningful campaign finance reform to improve transparency. (

Gregory McCauley, Sr., Republican  wants affordable health care with mutually owned health insurance, tackle the national debt and stop waste and fraud in Washington with his real-world experiences, lower interest rates on student loans, and concentring immigration he wants to fast track a substantive visa program allowing undocumented immigrants to say and work in the country, but they have to pay American taxes. (


Martin Nothstein, Republican  wants term limits for congressmen to four terms, end the ACA but ensure healthcare policy protects people with pre-existing conditions and children on the plan until age 26, a simplified tax code with low rates, protection of the 2nd amendment, anti-abortion/pro-life, and tighter border security. (

Susan Wild, Democrat  Wants healthcare for all by protecting Medicaid and social security, re-join Paris Accords and ban fracking on public land, pass Equality Act to add “sex, sexual orientation, and gender equality” to the Civil Rights Act, 1964, strengthen unions, invest in apprenticeship and training programs, and support federal spending on infrastructure. (


Matt Cartwright, Democrat  Advancements to Social Security as a reliable public system of shared commitment, help to small businesses and the creation of more long-term jobs locally, emphasis on trade and technical schools with affordable community college education, and greater protection to homeowners against foreclosures and loans (

John Chrin, Republican  wants to reassess K-12 curriculum with financial literacy test requirement and to reassess student loans, wants to cut taxes for middle class and small businesses, because of declining manufacturing jobs he wants to emphasis providing skills to those employers to transfer into other industries, wants tough immigration laws and tight borders, protection of 2nd amendment for hunting and self-defence, and is por-life/antiabortion. (


Daniel Meuser, Republican  wants to protect the 2nd amendment, is pro-life antiabortion, wants to build a walk to prevent immigrants accessing America through Mexico, eliminate school property tax, and invest more in the military. (

Denny Wolff, Democrat  wants to rebuild American infrastructure, ensuring affordable quality healthcare, rebuild middleclass with emphasis on affordable post-secondary education, increased minimum wage, reduction of interest rates on federal student loans and allowing for flexible repayment terms. (


Scott Perry, Republican  Supporter of agriculture as a key tenant of Pennsylvanian economy with reduction in federal regulations in agriculture, but on the economy and jobs on the whole, emphasis on national defensive, education reform to give power to state and school districts, immigration reform with English language requirements and attracting more highly skilled immigrations, whilst ensuring there are enough agricultural workers. (

George Scott, Democrat  Wants affordable high-quality healthcare, common sense gun policy, reduction in the cost of college and increase federal financing of pubic schools, ways for legal citizenship of skilled immigrants (DACA-eligible), increasing minimum wage, and support workers’ rights to unions. (


Jessica King, Democrat  Wants to protect social security, build a 21st century American infrastructure, debt-free public college, Medicare-for-All, supporting farmers, reducing gun violence and mass shootings with modernized background checks, antitrust laws to break up monopolies, raise minimum wages, and increase capital lending to small businesses. (

Lloyd Smucker, Republican  Wants to strengthen career and technical education, federal funding to combat opioid epidemics with emphasis on treatment and recovery along with law enforcement prevention, pro-fie with cuts to federal funding of planned parenthood calls for supreme court justice to be pro-life, supports an act that designates Lancaster and York Counties a National Heritage Area (


Marc Friedenberg, Democrat  Against “right to work” legislation as he wants to reserve union rights, wants fast affordable broadband internet in every home and business in the district, protect and expand Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, expansion of federal funding for K-12 schools, growth of higher education including community and vocational colleges, and emphasis on renewable energy infrastructure. (

Tom Marino, Republican  Wants a new healthcare system that allows a more competitive insurance market by allowing individuals and companies to purchase loans across state lines, highlights importance of American leadership role in forging affairs, states and parental rights over education, protecting farmers and their lands, and environmental protection measures. (


John Joyce, Republican  Supports Trump’s immigration policy, is pro-life, fierce advocate for the 2nd amendment, better pay for uniformed servicemen and women, along with free healthcare to veterans, but dismantling of the ACA, against an increase in gas tax. (

Brent Ottoway, Democrat  Wants to invest in a more comprehensive infrastructure for transport, but also to create more jobs, an emphasis on bipartisan solutions to healthcare, more options post-high school education that are affordable with development of critical thinking skills at all levels of education, and the preservation of the environment. (


Bibie Boerio, Democrat  Champions job growth with improvements to infrastructure with emphasis on access to broadband, affordable access to education with technical centres at higher levels of education, healthcare as a right and strengthen the ACA, and implement conservation policies to protect the environment. (

Guy Reschenthaler, Republican  Calls for death penalty of terrorists, cutting regulations for jobs and the economy, end sanctuary cities for immigration and crackdown on immigrants to the US, and permeant tax cuts. (


Susan Boser, Democrat  Wants rural access to high speed broadband, create business opportunities through renewable energy sources, promoting agricultural cooperatives and processing facilities, improve ACA easier access to trade school, and end unfair lending practises to prevent deep debts for college students. (

GT Thompson Jr., Republican  Emphasises the need for technical education in the work force, wants affordable energy with the continued use of natural gas, comprehensive tax reform with a simpler tax code, and bipartisan social security and Medicare preservation. (


Ron DiNicola, Democrat  Fights for affordable healthcare, educating every child and making it more affordable ny increasing funding in deferral grant programs and education, reduction in interest rates for student loans along with more flexibility in paying back student loans, wants to reduce the role of special interest groups in politics, and create jobs by investing in infrastructure. (

Mike Kelly Jr., Republican  Wants to reduce regulations or the private sector investment, reform tax codes, energy reforms that utilise all Americans energy forms to make it energy independent including renewable sources, but also coal, natural gas, and biofuels. Wants to provide flexibility to state including schools with a focus on accountability to ensuring schools are only getting the funding they deserve and expanding parental choice, also believes in strong military and reduction in the size of government and limits to government spending. (


Conor Lamb, Democrat  Prioritises combating the heroin health crisis, improving infrastructure, job training not just on paper, a right to health insurance Americans can afford, protect Medicaid and social security, reduce student loan debts with government help to pay back the debts, supports units, and more investment and research into modern energy resources. (

Keith Rothfus, Republican  Opposes ‘sanctuary cities,’ and is cosponsoring the Securing America’s Future Act to secure the border once and for all, votes for Job Acts and Tax cuts, repealing ACA and replacing it with legislation that gives individuals more affordable healthcare choices and greater control over their coverage, and protects the 2nd amendment. (