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PASSHE Students Give Their Thoughts on Potential Strike

With the potential Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s (PASSHE) faculty strike tomorrow, students of all of the 14 PASSHE colleges/universities are expressing concern, asking questions, standing in solidarity with the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF). Students and faculty will know by five a.m. tomorrow, Oct. 19, if a faculty strike is going to take place. There has been talk of this for a while, and with the strike looming potentially tomorrow, campuses and universities across Pennsylvania are buzzing.

kutztownKutztown University freshman, Mia Connell’s biggest concern regarding the strike is that, “All of the work, time, and effort that [she] put into the semester is going to be wasted if the (possible) strike lasts long enough.” Her greatest frustration is that students are still not certain as to whether or not the strike will occur. She said, “Many students can agree [with her]; we just want a definite answer as to whether or not we’re striking. We’re all anxious!”

esuEast Stroudsburg University junior, Charles Koytek says he’s most concerned about the semester not counting if the strike lasts too long and whether he will be refunded–if that’s the case–or “being behind in future classes if the semester does count.” His biggest frustration with the reasons for the strike is one of the demands made by PASSHE that professors may teach departments they don’t specialize in such as “an English professor teaching [his] math class.” So, he supports the faculty in their reasons for possible striking.

wcuWest Chester University sophomore, Andrew Gallagher “absolutely stands behind [his] faculty.” He says, “as a future educator, it’s only fair to stand behind those who provide my education.” He hopes the that if the strike happens students will “show everyone we care about our faculty.” Some of his fellow students intend to stand with faculty on the picket lines.

iupIndiana University of Pennsylvania freshman, Alexis Tropeano supports the faculty as she believes “it’s messed that they haven’t had a contract for this long.” She does have concerns about the strike though, such as having to stay longer than she intended to and her grades being affected.


bloomBloomsburg University sophomore, Timothy Heier, like many other students, fears the strike “might go too long,” which would “be stressful for professors and students.” He supports his faculty in their decision to strike should it happen because “as a future educator [he] understands the hardships the faculty has faced and what they’re fighting for.”

*Editor’s Note: as more students share their thoughts, this post will be updated.

Many students in all of the PASSHE universities and colleges are discussing their thoughts on the potential strike. Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter with the hashtag, #BloomUstrike what you’re thinking! Keep checking back to BUnow for more updates.






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