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On this day in History 10.1

On this day in History-Oct. 1

            On this day back in 1903, the Boston Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates faced off in the inaugural game of the modern World Series. The game itself was scheduled for 1:55 pm at the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds in Boston, where an attendance of 16,242 was on hand to watch these teams square off.

Pittsburgh erupted in the first inning by scoring four runs and they extended their lead to 7-0 in the seventh inning when outfielder Jimmy Sebring hit the first home run in World Series history. The Pirates never looked back as they won the very first game, 7-3.

Although Pittsburgh took the first game, the Americans overcame a 3-1 deficit by winning four consecutive games to capture the World Series title in eight games. Back then, the World Series was scheduled to be decided in a format of nine games in order to popularize the sport.