Inventor Phil Nuytten has created a new way of getting to the bottom of the ocean without Iron-Man-Exosuit-underwater-suit-2the pressure of the ocean crushing you. It’s an Exosuit with a design that is similar to Iron Man’s.

CNN tells us that the iron man like diving suit has, “… thrusters that are propelled by water jets each packing at least 1.6 horsepower.” It is a 530-pound aluminum-alloy suit, which has an exterior that will prevent you from being crushed. It also has, “… LED lights built into the Exosuit [that] help you see what you’re working on.” This Exosuit allows you to go about 1,000 feet under water.

007_jpgSo, who is Nuytten? He is an inventor from Vancouver who discovered his talent as a teenager when he started creating his first diving gear. In 1985, he designed a sea-diving suit called the Newtsuit that was adopted by NASA. His company has even built a submarine escape system for the U.S. Navy.

There are hopes that this Exosuit will prevent decompression sickness, also knoexosuitgraphicwn as the bends. According to CNN, “Divers get the bends from moving too fast from a high-pressure environment to a normal pressure environment. The rapid change can release nitrogen gas bubbles into the bloodstream, damaging blood vessels, blocking blood flow and triggering joint pain.”

Not only is the suit an awesome invention that will hopefully improve the future for sea diving, but you will also feel cool wearing it because you will feel like Iron Man, for a little while anyway.