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My Reaction to Trump’s Win

seth I woke up early this morning, having only slept four hours during the most restless night I’ve had in years. If you read my article from yesterday, you know I was not a fan of either candidate, but I thought Trump was the worst of the candidates.

It wasn’t until I was watching CNN, on the edge of my seat with a knot in my stomach, for over three hours that I realized how much at stake we all really did have in this election. I did not think I would be this affected if we had this outcome.

I guess I honestly believed our country was smarter and more sympathetic than this. I grew up with younger siblings with black fathers, and looking “exotic” myself, so I knew prejudice existed, but I always thought it was lessening as time went on.

I think Americans who are fed up with the political system and the constant fighting between the two major parties, causing little to get done, saw Trump as the change we’ve been waiting for. There was finally a candidate that was against the institution and who was so controversial and in the media that he was able to garner the attention needed to win.

All the people I know who support Trump deny his sexism, racism, and xenophobia. But isn’t that in and of itself, a problem? It reminds me of people who don’t think white privilege exists, because they are in denial or are never affected by it. We know for a fact that he has assaulted women from his “Trump tapes.” Whether it was just talk or not, his mindset is stuck in the past. He has called countless women names, including Hillary Clinton. Before you say he’s rude to everyone, that’s not sexist, remember that any comment to or about a woman that is based on her gender is sexist.

samAs a young woman, I feel disillusioned and sad. As a sister, I am saddened by the fact that my youngest siblings will learn about him in school. As a survivor of abuse and unwarranted advances by men like Trump, I feel small and unimportant. I will be looking around everywhere I go and wondering if the people I’m meeting are the ones who voted for Trump.

Voting for him, even if you think he will help us economically and protect us, is giving him a pass. Trump winning is a message to all women, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, and LGBTQ. It doesn’t matter that he might not be able to overturn Roe v. Wade, marriage equality, or implement his other views; last night Americans told all these groups that discrimination is accepted.astead

You can’t fix a country’s economic problems without the government working together. Our government can’t work together unless we have peace in our nation. We won’t have peace in our nation, with a president like Donald Trump.

It is unfair to tell those of us personally affected and sad, scared, or shocked, to accept this and move on. We will not unite under this presidency, but maybe in spite of it.

I am usually a social, opinionated person, but today I will be quiet because I do not know how to exist in this country today.





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