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Miracle Koala Survives Car Crash

Last week, CNN took a break from updating us on Donald Trump’s latest absurd remarks to inform us about “the world’s luckiest koala” in Australia.koala 5

The koala was struck by a car going about 60 mph on Sept. 24. The driver, Loren Davis, did not spot the bear until it was too late. With other cars around her, changing lanes was not an option, so she slammed on her brakes. Unfortunately, she did not hit them quick enough and hit the bear.koala

Shaken up, Davis drove to her home 10 minutes away before checking the damage of her car. When she pulled into her garage and exited the car to examine the front of her car, she was startled. The bear was in the grille of her car. Frantically, she ran into the house to inform her fiancé and his son of the tragedy that had occurred. She was too upset to go back to the garage, so the guys went out to check out the scene.

A few minutes later, Davis heard her fiancé exclaim, “He’s alive!” Being lodged into the grille of the car had kept the bear alive. Davis was relieved, to say the least.

The couple called a koala rescue organizationkoala 3 and kept the bear comfortable as they waited for help. When he climbed out of the grille, he seemed to be uninjured. He had a few scrapes, but that was it. He was taken back to his home safely a few days after the accident.koala 2

The bear has been nicknamed “Bear Grylls” ironically after a British survival expert who tweeted about the koala a few days after the incident.

Thank you to CNN for informing us of the heartwarming story of lucky little “Bear Grylls.” Unfortunately, they have since returned to the groundbreaking news that Trump has said something ridiculous yet again. The break was nice while it lasted!

Stay off the roads, Bear Grylls. koala 4





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