Lycoming County Coroner Contradicts the Health Department’s Data

In a video posted Tuesday to Facebook, the Lycoming County Coroner and President of the Pennsylvania State Coroners Association, Charles Kiessling Jr., stated that the two deaths recorded for Lycoming County have not been reported to his office.

“[T]here are zero ‘official deaths’ in Lycoming County thus far, contradicting the numbers Secretary Levine released today and raising serious concerns regarding their accuracy…” the coroner put in the caption of the video.

He goes on to say in the video that he does not believe these cases occurred in Lycoming County.

“My office will continue to investigate this situation and will provide further updates as time goes on,” Kiessling says.

Kiessling posted on Facebook that as of yesterday, April 22, no new official deaths have been reported in Lycoming County.

Chart from as of April 22, 2020

One commenter on the video said, “This man needs to be heard. No one is doubting there are unfortunate deaths due to this. What we are questioning is the numbers and how inflated they are.”[0]=68.ARBX4DrTdy4-XzXg3UuX_hw5Flx1s1h3PqWizhXOtpPiMrz7yr_5Ht3PiSKljwHOJbRnx4oS1VxMy1UKxZe7ullG4wMedzXJkOa1oGRkLXXN0pxF1uBavZTHIMableOwNm03J92wFwnMDQrH2fr27J9kc68VN2PtwgkbXWDu68hN93ssqu8gmVTM_tK6uWY1azyu46wL0wssDRnzjWup-WUu2eYtYBWUTFPDUv-Lx8GUb8xlozA2ufy_ZqWLCLD1KPr6uooD4V71P6Gr6XpYL6XlypxEf84oNVU1QEEhYZhVfJq2FfOswkouyzFQwS-c0xRj6kG5RnxPgpcxI-DU0LKcWMDWKDZq

Cover photo: The Philadephia Inquirer