Lula, a Socialist, and one of the most popular leaders in Brazil’s history during his Presidency faced off against current far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who won the presidency with 55% of the vote in 2018

Lula was projected to take the Presidency in the first round of the 2022 elections. However, Jair Bolsonaro outperformed predictions, grabbing enough to prevent Lula from hitting 50+1% of the vote. Second-round polls had Lula winning from 0.8% to 6%. In the second round, Lula took 50.9% of the vote.

Jair Bolsonaro(left) & Lula(right)

This election was not the cleanest. The Jair Bolsonaro government attempted to suppress voters in regions where Lula performed well in the first round. The leader of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) announced his support for Jair Bolsonaro on social media before deleting it. Multiple roadblocks slowed voters to the polls. Traffic stops where the officers questioned who the individual was voting for and told individuals to not vote for an “ex-inmate”. Officers stopped individuals with pro-Lula stickers on their cars.

Once ordered to stop the suppression by the head of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The Director General of the PRF refused the order. Over 3 million voters were slowed down while on their way to vote because of the roadblocks. The Head of Brazil’s electoral court believes it delayed voters. However, it didn’t stop them from voting. He refused to expand the time the polls were open. Voting is compulsory in Brazil. Failure to vote results in fines for the individual. 

There are fears that Jair Bolsonaro will not give up the Presidency. The police force and sections of the military overwhelmingly support Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro threatened a military coup if the election’s rules were not changed before the 2022 elections.

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