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Jesse Watters Replaces Tucker Carlson

Fox News announced that Jesse Watters will become the host of the 8 pm primetime program.

In late April, Fox News announced that Tucker Carlson had left the network. This came as a shock. His 8 pm primetime show on Fox News raked in over 3.5 million viewers every night. Tucker’s departure has seen Fox News viewership suffer, losing their 120-week-long streak of most primetime viewers to MSNBC. 

Watters’s 7 pm slot is currently the third most watched program on the network, behind the 5 pm slot program “The Five” (Watters is one of the hosts) and the 6 pm program “Special Report with Bret Baier”. However, Watters’ show has seen one of the largest declines at the network. It debuted just under Carlson in the low 3 million, but since has seen the number nearly slashed in half over the last 18 months.

His latest show gathered 1.6 million viewers. 

Fox News Lineup

Watter’s will take over the slot on July 17th. Watter’s shift alters the lineup for Fox News. Laura Ingraham’s program will move from 10 pm to 7 pm. Sean Hannity’s show will stay at 9 pm. Fox News’ late-night show “Gutfield!” with Greg Gutfield will move to 10 pm. The night will end with Trace Gallager’s “FOX News @ Night” at 11 pm. 

Fox News has successfully replaced its most popular primetime anchor before. In 2017, Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly, ending the O’Reilly Factor. A show that brought in over 3.3 million viewers daily, being replaced by Tucker Carlson, who maintained around 3.5 million viewers daily.