Incredibly Qualified and Extremely Intelligent: Why I’m With Her

Throughout the 2016 election it has been incredibly easy to pick out Donald Trump’s faults and shortcomings with no ‘digging’ needed. One needs only to watch one of his debates, rallies, or interviews to see what the Republican Presidential candidate has to “offer” America. So, instead of stating the blatantly obvious about a candidate I couldn’t disagree more with, I’ll focus on one that I’m proud to stand with and vote for today.

Hillary Clinton is a force to be reckoned with. Ever dedicated to public service she attended Harvard and went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund directly after graduation. As first lady she worked tirelessly to improve the lives of women and children helping to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). In 2000 she became the U.S. Senator of New York and served as the secretary of state during President Obama’s administration.

This short list of qualifications only begins to show us a woman fighting to gain the respect she should already have.

Criticism Rebutted

The level of hate and criticism Hillary has received during the election amazes me. She’s been cleared of any legal wrong doing involving her deleted emails and still the issue continues to be brought up. One of the only arguments against her isn’t based in truth and still it’s used. That and the allegations against Bill Clinton. Any accusations of sexual assault should be fully investigated as there is no excuse no matter the party, however please let me remind you that Hillary Clinton is NOT her husband. She cannot and should not be held accountable for the alleged actions of her spouse.

In a perfect world it wouldn’t be necessary to explain this simple fact, but the American society seems determined to define a woman who has never been in her husband’s shadow as an extension of him. The year is 2016 ladies and gentleman. Please escape the Stone Age and join me in the light.

On a Few of the Issues

Hillary’s take on the issues shows her compassion and undeniable knowledge of the law.

Her take on education proposes a plan that states “every student from a family making $85,000 a year or less will be able to go to an in-state four-year public college or university without paying tuition.” As a college student education is a real and current focus in my life. Hillary Clinton has laid out a detailed plan to ensure the success for generations to come.

Her views on civil justice are realistic and optimistic. We live in a society that is far from equality and this is ever present in terms of race. She is confident this can begin to be mended by “Acknowledging that implicit bias still exists across society—even in the best police departments—and tackle it together. Hillary will commit $1 billion in her first budget to find and fund the best training programs, support new research, and make this a national policing priority.”

Hillary is rational on her National Security views. In contrast to what many may believe, she doesn’t plan to take away the 2nd amendment. Not only does a President not have that power, but it is not her wish nor stance. She wishes only to make owning a gun safer and to remove loopholes such as gun shows and internet sales that enable those who have no business owning a gun from from owning one. Her logical approach to an issue that has plagued our country for centuries shows Hillary Clinton’s ability to plan and enact “common sense laws.”

Why We Need Her

President Obama entered into one of the most economically depressed presidencies when he was sworn into office in 2008. During his eight years he accomplished a great deal in terms of positive relations with other countries, forming the beginnings of a health care system designed for all regardless of income, and creating a sustainable future.

We need a candidate that will continue the work of President Obama and progress it even further. We need a president who will fight for those who can’t fight for themselves and who introduces prosperity to all, not just the top one percent. We need someone who is incredibly qualified and extremely intelligent. We need someone who has 30 years of experience under their belt, someone who makes change happen. We need Hillary Clinton.

Our country is flawed, but it has the capacity for greatness. Hillary can guide us to transform that dream into a reality. As I mark my choice for our next leader on the ballot I’m reminded what it is I love about being an American.

Freedom, the pursuit of happiness, a diverse nation, and a kind place that not only accepts differences but celebrates them.

In short, I’m with her because I believe she will work to make me feel proud of my county. I’m with her because I truly believe she’s with me.