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Human Activity Leads to Rising Sea Levels

Most of us know that global warming is a real problem, mostly because of human activity. The Greenhouse gas emissions are melting the ice more and more in Antarctica and we could have a big problem if this continues.

CNN tells us about a study in the scientific journal Nature. Nature says that, “melting ice in melting-ice-arctic-Antarctica has the potential to contribute to a rise in sea levels of 1 meter — more than 3 feet — by the end of this century…with ice also melting in other parts of the world, seas could rise 5 or 6 feet by the end of this century, far more than predicted in a 2013 United Nations study.”

Robert Deconto of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and David Pollard of Pennsylvania State University say that Antarctica could contribute to a rise in sea level of nearly 50 feet by the year 2500.

car-pollution Current and future generations need to change their actions if they want to keep sea levels from rising so much. Greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation and even smoking which contributes to pollution. We should try to drive smart cars instead of the gas guzzling vehicles we have now. And for all you smokers out there, put down the cigarette, it’s not helping anyone. smoking

The study says that seas could be rising at a rate of 1 foot per decade if we don’t stop greenhouse gas emissions and they remain unchanged.

Many citizens excuse the fact that sea levels rising is happening. As Chief of NASA’s Ocean Ecology Laboratory, Carlos Del Castillo says, “Sea level rise is not getting the attention it deserves. It has clear and serious implications to our way of life.”