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High School Teenager Threatened 2 Fellow Students before Stabbing Attack

Alex Hribal, of Murrysville, Pa, has been charged with stabbing 21 fellow high school students and one security guard on the morning of April 9. Detectives believe that he made two threatening phone calls to students the night before the stabbing occurred.

kidCBS News reported that, “The reference to the threatening phone messages and completed calls is contained in a search warrant affidavit. Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck says neither student was among the victims in Wednesday’s attack at Franklin Regional High School”.

Hribal is being charged as an adult with four counts of homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault. Three students are still in critical condition after the attack and one has just recently been upgraded to fair condition.

Witnesses recall the chilling moment when Hribal began his attack by tackling a freshman and stabbing him in the stomach. Hribal then jumped up and began running down the halls slashing other students. Authorities said the knives were up to 10 inches long.

CBS News reported that Nate Moore, 15, saw the first attack on the freshman and attempted to break it up when Hribal slashed him across the face with the knife. Moore said, “It was really fast. It felt like he hit me with a wet rag because I felt the blood splash on my face. It spurted up on my forehead”. Moore’s knife wound required 11 stiches.

Moore and fellow student Mia Meixner, 16, said that Hribal was a relatively shy boy that mainly kept to himself and was not seen regularly with a group of friends. They also both agreed that he was not mean to anyone and this violent outburst could not have been foreseen.