Doctor Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder Trial in Philadelphia Abortion Case

Philadelphia man found guilty for the murder of four infants and a woman.

Philadelphia doctor, Kermit Gosnell, has been put on trial for the deaths of four infants and a woman at his abortion clinic. Jurors have just released the verdict finding Gosnell guilty for three counts of first-degree murder.

According to CNN, Gosnell, 72, is suspected of killing babies by using scissors to cut the spinal cords. Authorities alleged that some of the infants were born viable and alive during the sixth, seventh, and eighth months of pregnancy.

He also was accused for the death of Karnamaya Mongar, 41, who died while under anesthesia during a second-trimester abortion at his West Philadelphia clinic.

Gosnell, who is not a board-certified obstetrician or gynecologist, could possibly face a death sentence for his crimes. He is also charged with conspiracy, abortion at 24 or more weeks of pregnancy, theft, and corruption of minors, solicitation, and other related offenses. He faces 19 charges, and a total of 263 counts.

Eileen O’Neill, 56, a co-defendant of Gosnell is charged with participating in the operation of a corrupt organization and theft by deception for operating without a license to practice medicine. O’Neill, a medical school graduate, is not charged with performing illegal abortions. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Defense attorney, Jack McMahon, stated in his 2 1/2 hour long closing statement that Gosnell never killed those infants, rather they were already dead after he administered the drug Digoxin, which can cause abortion.

It has also been found that Gosnell reuses unsanitary instruments; performing procedures in filthy rooms, including some that contained litter boxes and animals that were allegedly present at the time. He has also allegedly allowed other unlicensed employees– including a high school student– to administer anesthesia and perform operations.

The remains of the fetuses were stored in water jugs, pet food containers and a freezer at the clinic.

Gosnell preyed on low-income, minority women. McMahon argued that he offered health care to people who were poor and could not afford health insurance.

According to CNN, Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron, addressed Gosnell by yelling, “Are you human?”

Gosnell smirked at Cameron without speaking. Cameron then continued by saying, “It’s time for us to extinguish the fire he created.”

The doctor was first charged in January 2011.