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DAPL Stopped!

As of Dec.4, 2016, construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has ceased.

The pipeline, a highly controversial issue among environmentalists and business people, could have been a potentially devastating environmental disaster, leading to a contamination of the water supply of millions of people and local wildlife.

The elimination of the pipeline also results in a loss of investment for several prominent oil conglomerates, as well as business people who have investments in those conglomerates, such as President-elect Donald Trump.

The pipeline construction site has been home to millions of protesters for several months, including thousands of veterans, locals and most recently, politicians.

The Army Corps of Engineers has officially stated that they will be seeking an alternate route for the pipeline, though the Trump Administration could proceed with construction of the pipeline as initially predicted.

Regardless of the current political climate and the profit-over-people mentality shared by many politicians on both sides, this should be seen as a victory for the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.




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