BU Education Budget Cuts

Education is supposedly a top priority in today’s society. The irony behind this is that when the government makes their budget cuts, they cut the budget of education vastly.

Education is supposedly a top priority in today’s society. The irony behind this is that when the government makes their budget cuts, they cut the budget of education vastly.

Many public schools, especially in Pennsylvania have been impacted by these budget cuts to education. This affects more than just the economy, it affects students and parents.

Schools of higher education have been impacted and will continue to be impacted.

Whyy.org reported, “Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett announced that his budget for 2012-2013 would include steep cuts in higher education funding.”

Schools, like Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, will be effected by yet another cut in the budgets.

Whyy.org continued, “The 14 state colleges and universities would see cuts in state funding of about 25 percent.”


These cuts to the education budget will cause the schools to modify their tuition costs. This will raise the tuition costs of both in-state students, and out-of-state students.

“ These budget cuts are really hurting my family financially,” Brooke Favinger, a New Jersey resident and  BU sophomore said.  “They have to dish out more money every year just to send me to school. ”

The budget cuts in higher education are not only impacting current Bloomsburg students. It also impacts prospective students wanting to enroll.

“ Tuition is already expensive enough to go away to school, especially out-of-state”, Kevin Krowicki, a New Jersey resident and prospective student states. “ If it keeps rising I’m not going to be able to go to the school of my choice but the community college here at home.”

Tuition costs are becoming higher every year.

“Average annual tuition at public, four-year institutions grew by 28 percent — or $1,800  over the last five years, after adjusting for inflation, according to College Board,” according to the Huffington Post.

Students feel the aftermath of the rising tuition costs due to the cuts. Their parents feel this cut as bhwell as the students.

Jose Paulinho, father of a student currently enrolled in Bloomsburg University, states how the rise in tuition and budget cuts have impacted himself and his family.

“With two kids both enrolled in college, it’s already very difficult to afford. Now with this raise in tuition it’s going to be even more of a struggle to pay for both schools,” he said.

“The U.S. Department of Education recently revealed the Pennsylvania State University system has the highest tuition of any four-year public college in the country,” according to HuffingtonPost.

Bloomsburg University  along with many other state universities are on the other end of these budget cuts and are receiving the aftermath of Gov. Corbett’s decisions.

Students, both enrolled and prospective; and parents are hopeful that the budget cuts will decrease. Many students feel as if their education will be cut short due to lack of funding.

Many of the people who have felt the affects of these cuts are trying to work to get these cuts to cease. They are protesting and making it apparent that they want the cuts to stop.

“We have to fight for the rights of our children in good economic times and in bad economic times,” states Insight News.

Parents and students are working hard to make sure that the educational rights of their children will remain even with the economic downfall. They want to fight to get tuition down to make sure they can ensure their children will be able to continue to higher education.