Bloomberg Follows up on Terror Threat

Mayor Bloomberg kept up his “don’t panic, just be vigilant” drumbeat over the reported terror threat to NYC.

With the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaching, there have been reports by the Department of Homeland Security of terror threats “to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden” on New York City, NY.

Mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, addressed these threats today on his weekly WOR radio appearance.  He said the city was ready to handle the plot that surfaced just days before the anniversary of the original attacks.

“I’m not at liberty to talk about the details of it,” he said. “Keep in mind we have threats all the time: on the Internet, every day, particularly around big sporting events, religious holiday and other commemorations of things like 9/11.

“And each time the NYPD with the FBI, we increase our security, and obviously we’ve done that for this.”

The mayor described the threat as “credible” but not “corroborated,” meaning it comes from a single source.  He went on to say that having multiple sources would increase the likelihood that the threats are real, but just having one source does not make it any less possible.

However, many are not concerned with how many sources Bloomberg has, just simply that there is a threat.

“I am taking the threats very seriously,” said NYC resident and Marymount Manhattan College student, Amareia Moffett.  “No threat as serious as this one has happened in the past ten years and we did kill bin Laden.”

In an appearance on the CBS “Early Show,” Bloomberg said the city’s 3,000 security cameras, radiation detectors and countless police officers would keep New Yorkers safe. “The level of security in this city probably makes New York the safest place to be.

However, some residents do not feel the same

“I definitely fell that NYPD and Bloomberg are handling everything the best way possible,” said Moffett.  “Security has already been super tight, just walking to my apartment.  Regardless, NYC is not the safest place and we are still an obvious target.”

Bloomberg gave is official standing and recommendation to the people of NYC stating, “It’s serious,” He continued.  “But the right answer is to go about your business. If you lock yourself in your house because you’re scared, they’re winning.”