Aurora Theater Gunman Attempts Suicide

COLORADO- James Holmes, Aurora Theater shooting suspect, had multiple failed suicide attempts throughout the month of November.

On July 20, former graduate student of the University of Colorado, Holmes,24, was arrested after he forced his way into the Aurora Theater midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, and opened fire. Holmes is on trial facing more than 14 attempted murder charges, and is accused of killing 12 people.

Holmes, who was supposed to appear in court on Thursday, was hospitalized for diagnostic testing due to the aftermath of one of his many suicide attempts. None of the attempts have resulted in serious injuries, except for the most recent one on November 13, when Holmes was said to be “pounding his head on the wall of his cell.”  The minor attempts include Holmes running into the wall of his jail cell and jumping off of his bed. The hearing that was supposed to take place on Thursday has been delayed until Dec. 10.