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Another Trump Controversy and a Win for Bernie

While no primaries were held this past week, the political world was certainly not at a standstill.
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Donald Trump was in the news this past week after delivering controversial remarks about his position on abortion at one of his rallies.  Trump has considered himself to be pro-life for the past few years, which is a common belief of the Republican Party, and so his comments may not have been too shocking for conservatives in the audience. Trump stated in his speech that, if abortions are illegalized in the U.S., women should be subject to “some form of punishment” if they seek to receive the procedure. Despite recanting the statement only hours later, Trump continues to be scrutinized by the media, and needless to say, his approval ratings among female voters haven’t improved much. Trump has since stated, “the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman.”

BernieIn another unprecedented story, Bernie Sanders may have won the Nevada Caucus after all.  Nevada is different from other states in that it has a caucus, a state convention, and a county convention. This past Saturday, delegates at the county level essentially had their own caucus, and were able to switch sides to another candidate. It was during this convention that Sanders won the support of 55 percent of the delegates at the county level. While it’s unclear how many delegates Sanders will receive from Nevada overall, it may be clear by the state convention on May 14.  That will determine Nevada’s final delegate count that Sanders will receive as compared to  competitor Hillary Clinton in the state of Nevada.

The next major contest will be Wisconsin which takes place April 5. Currently, Sanders and Ted Cruz lead in the polls for their respective parties.



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