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2024 Presidential Election: Republican Candidate Will Hurd

Hurd attended Texas A&M, majoring in Computer Science. Hurd would join the CIA working as an operations officer in Asia, where one of his duties was to brief Congress members, which sparked an interest in politics. He would leave the CIA and run in 2010, looking to flip the 23rd District in Texas.

However, Hurd would fail to win the primary losing in a run-off election. Hurd would try again four years later and would be successful in the primary, beating the man who defeated him in 2010 and would defeat the Democrat incumbent.

His time in the House was successful where he ranked third among Freshman House members for bills passed. Hurd would rise to become chairman of the Information Technology Subcommittee, an unusual feat for a freshman member.

His focus in the House was cybersecurity, believing the United States needed to increase its security. His time in the House is remembered for his bipartisanship, working with Democrats on numerous bills. 

Furthermore, a 1600-mile drive to Washington D.C. with Democrat Beto O’Rourke, live-streamed on Facebook, where they discussed legislation and subsequently worked on legislation together.  


Hurd is a moderate conservative. He broke from the Republican ranks on LGBTQ rights. He voted for the Equality Act, which proved federal discrimination protections for LGBTQ Americans.

Hurd supported background checks, red flag laws, and raising the age minimum to purchase a firearm. He would criticize Donald Trump’s immigration policies like the border wall and travel bans. While Hurd aligns with the Republican party’s stance on taxes, abortion, and foreign policy.

Current Campaign

Hurd’s campaign has been non-existent to put it nicely. Hurd is suffering from a lack of name value. Hurd has not been included in most nationwide polls, and when included in polls, Hurd struggles to get a vote.

On a statewide poll in New Hampshire, Hurd got 1% of the vote. He will not be at the debate in August as he refused to sign the RNC pledge to endorse whoever wins the nomination. Hurd will have to boost support without the debates, which may be too tough to overcome.