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2024 Presidential Election: Republican Candidate Larry Elder

AI Generated Art of Larry Elder

Elder attended Brown. He would graduate with a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan. Elder would work as a lawyer before entering the media industry. Elder’s show “The Larry Elder Show” would start in 1993 and the conservative radio talk show would run until 2022.

His first campaign for political office came in 2021 when he ran as a candidate for Governor of California when Governor Gavin Newsom faced recall over his handling of Covid-19.

Elder was the frontrunner to replace Newsom had the recall been successful. He had declined to challenge Newsom in the 2022 Gubernatorial election. 


Elder is a hard conservative with hints of Libertarian beliefs. Economically, Elder looks to abolish welfare and entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, most taxes on the federal level in favor of national sale tax, reducing government by 80%, and the abolishment of minimum wage.

Socially, Elder is conservative. He has shown strong opposition to Trans people, but he’s pro-gay marriage. Elder is anti-abortion, believing it to be murder and a decision for states to make.

Elder has stated his opposition to research relating to the effects of secondhand smoke, climate change, and Covid-19 treatments.

Current Campaign

Elder’s campaign has struggled to get off the ground. The average polling number for his campaign is hovering around 0.3%.

With lacking polling numbers, Elder has attacked the RNC for their requirements to make it to the debate stage in August. Failure to make the debate stage could spell the end of his Presidential hopes.



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