2011: Year of the Global Storms

With Storms in California, Brazil, and Australia 2011 is shaping up to be filled with one weather disaster after another. Storms that are destroying entire towns and the livelihoods of the individuals within them are with an increased intensity that may push 2011 to the top of the record books.

The New Year is always a very exciting and unexpected revelation for people.  Changes are always in place and this year is no exception.  The change of starting over and rebuilding one’s life has severely affected the people of California, as well as other places around the world, including Cairns, a northeast town in Australia and areas of Brazil. Record breaking floods, as well as damage to property and vegetation grew to astronomical levels as winds and water came pouring into these various areas around of the world.

California, which was hit in the middle of January, suffered major damages thanks to mudslides, astronomical flooding, and winds gusting up to and around 124mph.  Agricultural losses and insurance payments have rocketed out of control due to the mass destruction that hit the various smaller towns of California, including the San Joaquin Valley, a place that has experienced flooding before.

Less than a month later, chaos broke out in Australia where Cyclone Yasi hit just south of the small town of Cairns, attacking the small area of Mission Beach.  The people living within the area had just suffered a massive flooding that caused many people to flee their home and then Yasi showed up, sending whoever was left to flee for a safer location.  Incoming reports related the storm to being worse than Hurricane Katrina, a massive tropical storm that took a toll on the eastern coastline of the United States, particularly areas by New Orleans.  The storm wiped out hundreds of homes, leaving a rough estimate of 10,680 people being set up in shelters, vegetation, causing a major hit to the area’s sugar cropping industry, and many more people without power.  An amazing discovery from this storm…there were no known dates to have occurred once the storm finally settled.

Sadly enough, Brazil, which was struck with massive flooding and mudslides also back in January, was not so lucky. As many as 200 deaths alone hit the town of Nova Friburgo, a state located in Rio de Janeiro, as well as an estimated toll of 175 deaths in Teresopolis, along with a dozen more or so in various other towns.  Heavy rain falls contributed to massive mudslides as well as unimaginable flooding.  Rescue work became almost impossible with communication systems failing and major roadways and bridges being almost inaccessible.  With so much destruction and loss, many people are claiming it’s like they have gone from world of peace and safety to living in hell, with all the chaos and pandemonium that has begun from the storm.

Many efforts have gone out to slowly help rebuild and restructure these various places that have been affected by Mother Nature.  In most cases, it will take months, if not years, to fully rebuild and restore the normal, everyday lives of those with who have been affected by these disasters.  With a New Year comes a new outlook on life.

Image Credit: (http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com, http://1.bp.blogspot.com, http://gbmnews.com/)