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Will “Joe the Plumber” be a Bummer?

“I am Todd the Accountant.”


“I am Maria the Doctor.”


“I am Joe the Plumber.”


Throughout the presidential race, candidates have been experimenting with many campaign tactics. But one thing that will be remembered for quite a bit of time is the Joe the Plumber tactic, and it will surely go down in Political Science history.


Joe the Plumber is a tactic used by the McCain campaign to appeal to the average American, but has this tactic truly resonated with the average American and worked towards John McCain’s advantage?

As Jared Daly lies on the couch watching CNN and waiting anxiously for any exit poll results, he mumbles answers to questions raised about Joe the Plumber. Daly, who voted earlier today, says, “I think the Joe the Plumber tactic did not work for John McCain at all. Joe the Plumber is not a credible source since he is not a licensed plumber and he does not make more than $250,000 a year, therefore it only proves that Obama’s economic plan would work more efficiently.”

Others seem to think differently. They feel that Joe the Plumber had a major part in John McCain’s success thus far.Chrissy Pellegrino says that, “The Joe the Plumber tactic energized the campaign; it was a great way of relating to the people, and it really worked towards his benefit.”However, she does not feel that it influenced the campaign enough to put McCain in the lead.

Pellegrino says that there were more effective strategies that the McCain campaign has used.She says, “I think his hard hits on Obama were much more effective than his appeal to the average American by the use of Joe the Plumber.McCain’s talk of Obama’s inexperience and raise of taxes really hit Obama hard and made people less willing to vote for him.” Nobody knows if the Joe the Plumber will appeal to the public enough to make a difference in the election results.

Whether you’re a staunch supporter of John McCain’s Joe the Plumber campaign, or an avid supporter of Barack Obama’s appeal to the middle class, the important thing is to get out there and vote.Whether Joe the Plumber affected your views or not, as long as you have views about the future, you should vote.

“I am Rebecca the Teacher.”

“I am Carl the Fisherman.”

And I am Tara, the Author, challenging you to get out there and vote!

Joe the Plumber (Photo by Boston.com)
Joe the Plumber (Photo by Boston.com)



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