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Students Find Their Voices Through Obama’s Election

Hundreds of Bloomsburg students filled the streets of Bloomsburg and gathered on the steps of Carver after Senator Barack Obama was elected the next President of the United States this past Tuesday night.  BU Now asked the ecstatic Obama supporters what they believe he will do for the country.  Over and over again, the group mentioned healthcare, school tuition and the war in Iraq. The crowd, a majority being African American, also voiced their excitement about the county’s first Black president, and their belief in him to make our country united as one.

Tuesday night seemed an Election of Redemption, as several of the students were infuriated over what they called brutal treatment they received at Saturday night’s homecoming dance held at Kehr Union from campus, town and state police forces. Some of the students felt the treatment was racially motivated, and told BU Now reporters that, in a way, Obama’s election made up for it.

Videography by Joe Arleth, Shannon Hoffman, Tony Brino, Eric Sellix and Kyle Smith.

Election Night Interviews from BU Now on Vimeo.



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