2008 Election

Obama’s the Man for This BU Voter

This morning Cheyonna Anderson, a senior here at Bloomsburg University, willingly woke up early to start her day. Out of the house by 10 a.m., she headed down to lower campus to cast her vote in the biggest Presidential Election to date. She’s been a devout supporter of the Obama campaign since the very beginning, so there was little doubt about who would get her vote.

This was the second Presidential Election that she has been able to vote in, in her opinion this was the most important. Throughout the campaign season, she has openly expressed her support for the Democratic nominee by adorning her car with Obama stickers. Her collection of Obama-Biden items has grown so much, that she dedicated her message board in her room to it.

Why is she such a strong Obama supporter? For her, it’s simple. “He’s about change, and so am I. He made an effort to gain the attention of the young people, and his policies are clear cut and straight to the point. There is no other option for me.”

Cheyonna said when she arrived at the polls, she was shocked to see the turnout. Even though the lines were stretched between two huge rooms and a hallway, and at times people were impatient, very few people decided to leave. After standing in line for almost two hours, Cheyonna finally made it to the polls. After casting her ballot, she said she felt overwhelmed by the whole experience. She described it as a very proud, and historic moment in her life.

I only hope that the other students on our campus will allow themselves to feel this way,” she said. “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as you cast your ballot so your voice will be heard.”


A loyal supporter since Day One
A loyal supporter since Day One