2008 Election

New Voters: What Do They Think?

This is one of several election stories, or vignette, submitted by Professor Santus’s journalism classes.  These articles provide glimpses into the election process that our students and faculty are experiencing during the time leading up to the election.

The 2008 Presidential Election is very rapidly approaching.  The two main candidates: John McCain, an Arizona senator, and Barack Obama, senator of Illinois, are valiantly pressing hard to get the undecided voters to support them, and also to get the support of first-time voters.

This particular election is a very interesting one; there have been a record number of new voters registered this year.  I decided to go around the Bloomsburg University campus and ask some new voters what they are thinking going into the election.

Kyle Moore is a freshman here at Bloomsburg Unversity, and is very excited to be able to have his voice heard for the first time.  “I am very excited about voting for the first time, specifically because it is the presidential election.”  Moore continued on to say that he is supporting Barrack Obama in this election. “I am voting for Obama because he has something new to bring to Washington.  He has experience, however he is a new face and brings a lot to the table.  Also, he is everything George Bush is not.  We need a change from the same failed policies we have had to deal with the last eight years.

When I asked Moore what issue meant the most to him in this election, he didn’t hesitate to answer:  “The war in Iraq is the number-one issue for me in this election, because I am now eighteen.  I can now technically be drafted into the military if it is to be reinstated.  I do not feel like I should be drafted into an unnecessary war that I feel was started for pointless reasons.”

Obviously, Moore is very passionate about this election and cannot wait to be able to cast his vote on November 4th.

With the election only a few days away, there is still time for a change to occur, but if the thousands of other first-time voters are as passionate about this election as Kyle Moore is, this is destined to be one of the most interesting Presidential Elections in a long time.  To all new voters out there, please go out on November 4th. Your votes make a difference, and it is time for your voice to be heard.