2008 Election

Election Day Brings Nerves, Excitement

James Patrissi stands in front of town hall before casting his vote.
James Patrissi stands in front of town hall before casting his vote.

As a sophomore at Bloomsburg and a first time voter, James Patrissi walked to town hall today with plenty of nerves and much anticipation. With a line that stretched out the front door, the historical proportion of today’s election was not lost on him.

“We could experience the beginning of a new era today,” Patrissi said before casting his first ever presidential vote. Patrissi was anxious but also filled with excitement.

“I just wanted to see what I had to do with the machines but I was real enthusiastic to get my vote out for the first time,” he said.

This current election will forever be remembered for its historical significance; regardless as to which candidate wins. 

The United States will have its first woman vice president if McCain wins and if Obama wins, he will be the first African-American president of the United States.

“I’ve been following up on Obama and I really like what he has to say,” said Patrissi. “I’m very interested to see how he will do in office.  So, I feel like my vote was very important today.” 

Another reason this election will be remembered, is due to the number of young, first time voters who went out to have their voices heard. On one hand, Obama the young senator from Illinois.  On the other, McCain, if elected, will be the oldest president elected to a first term. With such a gap in their ages, it is important for the young generation to feel as though the next president can relate to them.

Patrissi said he believes that Obama will be able to relate to different generations although he isn’t as experienced as McCain.

“I feel McCain will just follow in Bush’s footsteps,” Patrissi said.

He also said that he isn’t sure if McCain can last a term because he is now 72 and has had cancer three times.

As Patrissi walked out of town hall, he said he left with sense of accomplishment.  Given the opportunity to make a difference and have his voice heard, Patrissi knew this was something he could not pass up. 

“I voted for Obama because I really feel we need a change.”